Regions in Cameroon

Cameroon is made up of 10 primary administrative regions. Have a closer look at the regions in Cameroon. Information on all primary administrative regions in Cameroon.

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Primary administrative regions in Cameroon

There are 10 regions in Cameroon in the primary administrative level.
Primary administrative regions in Cameroon
RegionNoPopulationCapitalCapital population
Littoral Littoral Region1.2,202,340Douala Douala1,338,082
Centre Centre Region2.2,672,533Yaounde Yaoundé1,299,369
North North Region3.2,442,578Garoua Garoua436,899
North-West North-West Region4.1,728,953Bamenda Bamenda393,835
Far North Far North Region5.1,855,695Maroua Maroua319,941
West West Region6.1,339,791Bafoussam Bafoussam290,768
Adamaoua Adamaoua Region7.495,185Ngaoundere Ngaoundéré231,357
East East Region8.836,906Bertoua Bertoua218,111
South South Region9.634,655Ebolowa Ébolowa87,875
South-West South-West Region10.1,316,079Buea Buea47,300