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Largest places in Cameroon
Douala Douala1.Littoral Littoral1,338,082
Yaounde Yaoundé2.Centre Centre1,299,369
Garoua Garoua3.North North436,899
Kousseri Kousséri4.Far North Far North435,547
Bamenda Bamenda5.North-West North-West393,835
Maroua Maroua6.Far North Far North319,941
Bafoussam Bafoussam7.West West290,768
Mokolo Mokolo8.Far North Far North275,239
Ngaoundere Ngaoundéré9.Adamaoua Adamaoua231,357
Bertoua Bertoua10.East East218,111
Edea Edéa11.Littoral Littoral203,149
Loum Loum12.Littoral Littoral177,429
Kumba Kumba13.South-West South-West144,413
Nkongsamba Nkongsamba14.Littoral Littoral117,063
Mbouda Mbouda15.West West111,320
Dschang Dschang16.West West96,112
Foumban Foumban17.West West92,673
Ebolowa Ébolowa18.South South87,875
Guider Guider19.North North84,647
Foumbot Foumbot20.West West84,065
Bafang Bafang21.West West80,688
Yagoua Yagoua22.Far North Far North80,235
Mbalmayo Mbalmayo23.Centre Centre80,206
Meiganga Meïganga24.Adamaoua Adamaoua80,100
Bali Bali25.North-West North-West72,606
Limbe Limbe26.South-West South-West72,106
Bafia Bafia27.Centre Centre69,270
Wum Wum28.North-West North-West68,836
Bangangte Bangangté29.West West65,385
Tiko Tiko30.South-West South-West55,914
Kribi Kribi31.South South55,224
Mora Mora32.Far North Far North55,216
Sangmelima Sangmélima33.South South54,251
Kumbo Kumbo34.North-West North-West53,970
Nkoteng Nkoteng35.Centre Centre50,334
Mutengene Mutengene36.South-West South-West47,478
Buea Buea37.South-West South-West47,300
Garoua Boulai Garoua Boulaï38.East East46,615
Batouri Batouri39.East East43,821
Fundong Fundong40.North-West North-West43,509
Fontem Fontem41.South-West South-West42,689
Mbanga Mbanga42.Littoral Littoral42,590
Banyo Banyo43.Adamaoua Adamaoua40,798
Manjo Manjo44.Littoral Littoral37,661
Melong Melong45.Littoral Littoral37,086
Tibati Tibati46.Adamaoua Adamaoua35,589
Muyuka Muyuka47.South-West South-West31,384
Obala Obala48.Centre Centre30,012
Nanga Eboko Nanga Eboko49.Centre Centre29,909
Penja Penja50.Littoral Littoral28,406

1 - 50 of 123 places
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