Largest places in Cameroon

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Largest places in Cameroon
Mbandjok Mbandjok51.Centre Centre26,947
Kaele Kaélé52.Far North Far North25,199
Bamusso Bamusso53.South-West South-West24,741
Lagdo Lagdo54.North North24,596
Tchollire Tcholliré55.North North23,187
Belabo Bélabo56.East East22,553
Lolodorf Lolodorf57.South South22,252
Eseka Eséka58.Centre Centre22,221
Mamfe Mamfe59.South-West South-West19,472
Dizangue Dizangué60.Littoral Littoral19,243
Akonolinga Akonolinga61.Centre Centre17,181
Bogo Bogo62.Far North Far North16,952
Tonga Tonga63.West West16,036
Abong Mbang Abong Mbang64.East East14,661
Yokadouma Yokadouma65.East East13,287
Bazou Bazou66.West West13,058
Mundemba Mundemba67.South-West South-West11,912
Betare Oya Bétaré Oya68.East East11,866
Rey Bouba Rey Bouba69.North North11,454
Pitoa Pitoa70.North North11,454
Mindif Mindif71.Far North Far North10,538
Babanki Babanki72.North-West North-West9,851
Mbengwi Mbengwi73.North-West North-West9,734
Akom II Akom II74.South South9,709
Batibo Batibo75.North-West North-West9,163
Belo Belo76.North-West North-West8,705
Ambam Ambam77.South South8,476
Dimako Dimako78.East East8,476
Njinikom Njinikom79.North-West North-West8,247
Ndikinimeki Ndikiniméki80.Centre Centre8,247
Bonaberi Bonabéri81.Littoral Littoral8,091
Kontcha Kontcha82.Adamaoua Adamaoua8,018
Bansoa Bansoa83.West West7,560
Ngou Ngou84.West West7,560
Yabassi Yabassi85.Littoral Littoral7,560
Makary Makary86.Far North Far North7,331
Bekondo Bekondo87.South-West South-West7,331
Bandjoun Bandjoun88.West West6,872
Belel Bélel89.Adamaoua Adamaoua6,831
Bamendjou Bamendjou90.West West6,643
Ngambe Ngambé91.Littoral Littoral6,414
Ntui Ntui92.Centre Centre6,185
Mme-Bafumen Mme-Bafumen93.North-West North-West6,149
Bankim Bankim94.Adamaoua Adamaoua5,727
Saa Saa95.Centre Centre5,727
Bana Bana96.West West5,727
Poli Poli97.North North5,727
Doume Doumé98.East East5,581
Nguti Nguti99.South-West South-West5,498
Ndom Ndom100.Littoral Littoral5,498

51 - 100 of 123 places
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