Largest places in Cameroon

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Largest places in Cameroon
Okola Okola101.Centre Centre5,390
Yoko Yoko102.Centre Centre5,269
Jakiri Jakiri103.North-West North-West5,269
Ndelele Ndelele104.East East5,040
Minta Minta105.Centre Centre4,934
Djohong Djohong106.Adamaoua Adamaoua4,813
Dibombari Dibombari107.Littoral Littoral4,811
Tignere Tignère108.Adamaoua Adamaoua4,353
Ngomedzap Ngomedzap109.Centre Centre4,284
Akono Akono110.Centre Centre3,821
Esse Essé111.Centre Centre3,803
Koza Koza112.Far North Far North3,665
Okoa Okoa113.Centre Centre3,358
Mbankomo Mbankomo114.Centre Centre2,387
Ngoro Ngoro115.Centre Centre2,305
Diang Diang116.Littoral Littoral2,062
Somie Somié117.Adamaoua Adamaoua2,000
Mvangue Mvangué118.South South1,908
Ombesa Ombésa119.Centre Centre1,833
Mouanko Mouanko120.Littoral Littoral1,604
Evodoula Évodoula121.Centre Centre1,521
Mbang Mbang122.East East1,237
Maan Maan123.South South875

101 - 123 of 123 places
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