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Alphabetical index of places in Cameroon with MU

There are 49 places in Cameroon beginning with 'MU' (in alphabetical order).
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Mu'njouo   to   Muyuka
Places in Cameroon with MU
Mu'njouo Mu’njouo1.West West-
Muabi Muabi2.Littoral Littoral-
Muambong I Muambong I3.South-West South-West-
Muambong II Muambong II4.South-West South-West-
Muanjekan Muanjekan5.South-West South-West-
Mubadji Mubadji6.North-West North-West-
Mudum II Mudum II7.North-West North-West-
Muea Muea8.South-West South-West-
Mueba Mueba9.South-West South-West-
Muekam Muekam10.South-West South-West-
Muetanaku Muetanaku11.South-West South-West-
Mufako Mufako12.South-West South-West-
Mufako Mufako13.South-West South-West-
Mufo Mufo14.North-West North-West-
Mufua Mufua15.North-West North-West-
Mukonje Mukonje16.South-West South-West-
Mukoro Mukoro17.South-West South-West-
Mukoyong Mukoyong18.South-West South-West-
Mukura Mukura19.North-West North-West-
Mukuru Mukuru20.North-West North-West-
Mukwo Mukwo21.North-West North-West-
Mulafi Mulafi22.North-West North-West-
Mum Mum23.West West-
Mundabi Mundabi24.North-West North-West-
Mundame Mundame25.South-West South-West-
Mundame Mundame26.South-West South-West-
Mundemba Mundemba27.South-West South-West11,912
Mundongo Mundongo28.South-West South-West-
Mundum Mundum29.South-West South-West-
Mundwa Mundwa30.North-West North-West-
Mungo Mungo31.Littoral Littoral-
Mungo Ndor Mungo Ndor32.South-West South-West-
Munji Munji33.North-West North-West-
Munka Munka34.North-West North-West-
Munka Munka35.West West-
Munken Munken36.North-West North-West-
Munken Munken37.North-West North-West-
Munkep Munkep38.North-West North-West-
Munugeba Munugéba39.North-West North-West-
Munwa Munwa40.North-West North-West-
Munyange Munyange41.South-West South-West-
Munyenge Munyenge42.South-West South-West-
Musone Musone43.South-West South-West-
Mussaka Village Mussaka Village44.South-West South-West-
Muta Muta45.North-West North-West-
Mutengene Mutengene46.South-West South-West47,478
Muwa Muwa47.North-West North-West-
Muydip Muydip48.South-West South-West-
Muyuka Muyuka49.South-West South-West31,384

1 - 49 of 49 places