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Distances from Rafa

Distances from Rafa to the largest cities and places in Cameroon. Have a closer look at the distances from Rafa to the largest places in Cameroon.

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Distances from Rafa to the largest places in Cameroon
Mokolo Mokolo1.275,23926 km 16 mishow
Koza Koza2.3,66541 km 26 mishow
Mora Mora3.55,21676 km 47 mishow
Maroua Maroua4.319,94180 km 50 mishow
Guider Guider5.84,64787 km 54 mishow
Mindif Mindif6.10,53896 km 60 mishow
Kaele Kaélé7.25,199111 km 69 mishow
Bogo Bogo8.16,952112 km 70 mishow
Pitoa Pitoa9.11,454139 km 87 mishow
Garoua Garoua10.436,899150 km 93 mishow
Lagdo Lagdo11.24,596179 km 111 mishow
Yagoua Yagoua12.80,235183 km 114 mishow
Kousseri Kousséri13.435,547225 km 140 mishow
Rey Bouba Rey Bouba14.11,454228 km 142 mishow
Makary Makary15.7,331236 km 147 mishow
Poli Poli16.5,727243 km 151 mishow
Tchollire Tcholliré17.23,187256 km 159 mishow
Kontcha Kontcha18.8,018332 km 206 mishow
Ngaoundere Ngaoundéré19.231,357368 km 229 mishow
Tignere Tignère20.4,353378 km 235 mishow
Belel Bélel21.6,831410 km 255 mishow
Djohong Djohong22.4,813440 km 274 mishow
Meiganga Meïganga23.80,100465 km 289 mishow
Banyo Banyo24.40,798474 km 295 mishow
Tibati Tibati25.35,589476 km 296 mishow
Somie Somié26.2,000522 km 324 mishow
Garoua Boulai Garoua Boulaï27.46,615539 km 335 mishow
Bankim Bankim28.5,727557 km 346 mishow
Betare Oya Bétaré Oya29.11,866563 km 350 mishow
Yoko Yoko30.5,269585 km 363 mishow
Kumbo Kumbo31.53,970589 km 366 mishow
Jakiri Jakiri32.5,269600 km 373 mishow
Mme-Bafumen Mme-Bafumen33.6,149605 km 376 mishow
Fundong Fundong34.43,509610 km 379 mishow
Njinikom Njinikom35.8,247610 km 379 mishow
Wum Wum36.68,836612 km 380 mishow
Belo Belo37.8,705622 km 386 mishow
Foumban Foumban38.92,673622 km 386 mishow
Babanki Babanki39.9,851623 km 387 mishow
Belabo Bélabo40.22,553636 km 395 mishow
Bamenda Bamenda41.393,835644 km 400 mishow
Mbengwi Mbengwi42.9,734649 km 403 mishow
Foumbot Foumbot43.84,065657 km 408 mishow
Bali Bali44.72,606659 km 410 mishow
Mbouda Mbouda45.111,320668 km 415 mishow
Bafoussam Bafoussam46.290,768672 km 418 mishow
Batibo Batibo47.9,163674 km 419 mishow
Mbang Mbang48.1,237674 km 419 mishow
Bertoua Bertoua49.218,111674 km 419 mishow
Nanga Eboko Nanga Eboko50.29,909676 km 420 mishow

1 - 50 of 124 places
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